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My Last Open House As a Rosemont Ambassador

Last Saturday, I participated in my final open house as a Student Ambassador of Rosemont. Realizing this made me extremely sad! But the event, which was for high school juniors, went really well, so at least I’m glad to have that as my last memory.

I’ve been giving tours, speaking on panels, and helping at open houses for three years. It’s been one of my favorite activities! I love meeting prospective students, sharing the great experiences I’ve had, and showing them (YOU!) all the opportunities they (YOU!) can have.

At our event on Saturday, we got to show off our freshly renovated Rotwitt Theater, which looks amazing. I’m jealous that next year’s class, and all those who come after, will get to enjoy it for four full years. But someone once told me that each graduating class should feel like they are missing out on something when they leave. Rosemont has definitely inspired that feeling in me over the past year.

Recently, my favorite part of giving tours has been pointing out all of the new additions and renovations to campus: the honors house, the turf and softball fields, the cafeteria and café, the student activities center, now the theater, and soon Mayfield Hall. Showing off our school has brought me much joy and excitement for Rosemont’s future.

At the open house, I also had the fortune to speak with some prospective English and Communication majors. I love talking about our dual-degree programs and now, our new double master’s program (publishing and creative writing). I met some students interested in internships, too. It was really exciting.

Even though I’m sad to graduate in May, just as I was sad to work my last open house, being a Student Ambassador has been an indescribable experience.

Why I Love Volunteering at Rosemont College


Edwina MentenI would say that one of the most important things at Rosemont is service: volunteering, tutoring, donating, helping the community in any way. During my sophomore year at Rosemont, I joined Adopt-a-Sis, which is a weekly volunteer program for visiting the retired Sisters of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ). I met with Sister Edwina Menten, one of the many wonderful women living at New Sharon, a SHCJ infirmary right across the street from our College.

In addition to the one-on-one visits between Sisters and students, we usually have one or two parties per semester. These events are a chance for all of the volunteers to meet with all of the Sisters, which doesn’t happen on a weekly basis. We’ve dyed Easter eggs, made Valentines, decorated cookies, arranged flowers, ate ice cream, watched a lot of Charlie Brown holiday specials, and just chatted!

When I visit Sister Edwina, we like to chat. She shows me pictures of her family, while I tell her about school and my family, too. She saves news clipping and SHCJ magazines so I can read about what is important to her, and I like to bring baked goods for her. We both have a major sweet tooth!

Visiting my Sister that first year was such an amazing experience that I continued visiting her throughout my remaining time at Rosemont. I also got involved in a leadership role as the Site Director of Adopt-a-Sis because I think it is such a great opportunity for Rosemont students, and I love encouraging people to join!

I’m sad that my time in the Adopt-a-Sis program is coming to an end, but I live close enough that I’ll still be able to visit my Sister after I graduate.

Those Ever-Important College Internships

My internship this semester is in Campus describe the imageMinistry…creating a book for Rosemont!

Yes, I said a book!

It’s a joint venture with Cassie, a fellow dual-degree English and Publishing student. We researched and conducted interviews last semester, and now, we are on to the compiling and writing stage. Then, we will be doing editing and layout in late March and April.

I like to say it’s an orientation-style book for Rosemont. It will contain some background on Cornelia Connelly and her educational philosophy; take a look at Rosemont over the years; and end with what’s going on at Rosemont now and for the future.

It’s a great way to show how many exciting changes have occurred here as well as to remind people of the college’s roots, which are still important today.

I’m really excited about this project because I love Rosemont! It’s been interesting reading the historical stuff, but my favorite part has been interviewing staff and faculty who’ve been at Rosemont for awhile. They’ve undoubtedly seen much of the college’s recent history, and I loved hearing their stories.

And this internship is the perfect opportunity to put my English and Publishing skills into action. I came to Rosemont for the dual-degree program, and I’ve learned so much about both literature and publishing. But I’ve been itching to DO something. So this project is perfect.

How many people get to build a book from the bottom up while still in college? Essentially, we are doing all of the steps—researching, writing, editing (and then probably rewriting, haha), designing— that are typically done by a number of people across all parts of the publishing industry. Internships are important for just that reason. You get to experience something that could be your career a few years later!

Watch out—Cassie and I are interviewing some students, too, and you may be one of them!

The Real World Is Near

graduates real worldAfter 3.5 years of hard work, I’m still going strong…but the end is near. So, this semester is about having fun above all else! Here’s what I’m excited to do as a second semester SENIOR!

4 Favorites For Senior Spring Semester

1. Taking electives: I got all my general education and major requirements done, so now I get to take fun classes…like computer graphics!

2. Feeling prepared for the real world *gasp*: I’ve had 3 internships, 2 of which have lasted more than 1 semester, so I’ve gotten a lot of real-world experience in all different aspects of my chosen field (English & Publishing). I’m the Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper, have worked at an academic journal publisher, and am working on a book about Rosemont.

3. Starting my graduate thesis: As an English & Publishing dual-degree student, I’m doing graduate and undergraduate work simultaneously. Currently, I’m completing my undergraduate portfolio and my graduate capstone project. For my master’s degree, I’m writing a book about making and maintaining healthy college relationships!

4. Campus events: As a commuter, attending campus events is always a treat for me, since I’m only on campus for class 2 days per week. I’m excited to spend my last few months at Rosemont having fun with friends, going to events, and participating in extracurriculars. I’m especially looking forward to our senior week programs!

Choosing to Be a College Commuter

describe the imageDeciding to commute is one of the most difficult choices I had to make in college. I lived on campus my first two years, but junior year, I became a commuter. There were a lot of factors that I considered before I decided:
  • I wanted an internship. The one I applied for was in Center City, which was more easily commutable from my house than from Rosemont.
  • Living on campus was a life-changing experience for me, but I started considering my future off-campus. I want to have as little debt after college as possible so I can live on my own and get married.
  • I am happily in a long-term relationship, and the incentive to living at home is that my time is easily balanced between my family and my boyfriend.
  • Would I be able to continue playing volleyball even though I’m moving off-campus? Evening practices and night and weekend games allowed me to play junior year.
There were also some sacrifices I had to make. This year, unfortunately, I had to give up volleyball. I chose to focus on completing my undergraduate and graduate degree projects. I also accepted a part-time work position from my first internship at an academic journal publisher, and I am interning with Rosemont Campus Ministry. Publishing is the field I want to work in, and commuting challenged me to find an internship. Now I have a job!

Getting Back Into the Rosemont Groove


"I really think I'd rather be working." I know it's strange, but that was my first thought about my senior year in college. I spent the summer interning at Taylor & Francis Group, an academic journal publisher located in Philadelphia. I started there in January and really enjoy it. I also got used to my daily routine of working 9-4. Interning at Taylor & Francis has opened my eyes to the business management side of publishing, which is a different track than what I am focused on at Rosemont. Yet I'd love to be the editor-in-chief of a magazine, newspaper or possibly a journal someday. I have experience as a school newspaper contributor, section editor, layout editor and editor-in-chief, which is why throughout my time at Rosemont I want to gain a solid grasp of the entire industry. So I'm looking forward to my two graduate classes - Magazine Publishing and Role of the Magazine Editor.

While I'm excited to finally be a college senior, I know this year is going to be a lot of work. I'm juggling two internships (the other is creating a Rosemont publication with Campus Ministry), undergraduate and graduate classes and several extracurriculars! Oh, I can't forget I have my senior capstone and my Master's thesis to complete! Part of me wishes it was still summer, but I'm ready for the last stretch before graduation.

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