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Why I Love Volunteering at Rosemont College


Edwina MentenI would say that one of the most important things at Rosemont is service: volunteering, tutoring, donating, helping the community in any way. During my sophomore year at Rosemont, I joined Adopt-a-Sis, which is a weekly volunteer program for visiting the retired Sisters of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ). I met with Sister Edwina Menten, one of the many wonderful women living at New Sharon, a SHCJ infirmary right across the street from our College.

In addition to the one-on-one visits between Sisters and students, we usually have one or two parties per semester. These events are a chance for all of the volunteers to meet with all of the Sisters, which doesn’t happen on a weekly basis. We’ve dyed Easter eggs, made Valentines, decorated cookies, arranged flowers, ate ice cream, watched a lot of Charlie Brown holiday specials, and just chatted!

When I visit Sister Edwina, we like to chat. She shows me pictures of her family, while I tell her about school and my family, too. She saves news clipping and SHCJ magazines so I can read about what is important to her, and I like to bring baked goods for her. We both have a major sweet tooth!

Visiting my Sister that first year was such an amazing experience that I continued visiting her throughout my remaining time at Rosemont. I also got involved in a leadership role as the Site Director of Adopt-a-Sis because I think it is such a great opportunity for Rosemont students, and I love encouraging people to join!

I’m sad that my time in the Adopt-a-Sis program is coming to an end, but I live close enough that I’ll still be able to visit my Sister after I graduate.

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