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Those Ever-Important College Internships

My internship this semester is in Campus describe the imageMinistry…creating a book for Rosemont!

Yes, I said a book!

It’s a joint venture with Cassie, a fellow dual-degree English and Publishing student. We researched and conducted interviews last semester, and now, we are on to the compiling and writing stage. Then, we will be doing editing and layout in late March and April.

I like to say it’s an orientation-style book for Rosemont. It will contain some background on Cornelia Connelly and her educational philosophy; take a look at Rosemont over the years; and end with what’s going on at Rosemont now and for the future.

It’s a great way to show how many exciting changes have occurred here as well as to remind people of the college’s roots, which are still important today.

I’m really excited about this project because I love Rosemont! It’s been interesting reading the historical stuff, but my favorite part has been interviewing staff and faculty who’ve been at Rosemont for awhile. They’ve undoubtedly seen much of the college’s recent history, and I loved hearing their stories.

And this internship is the perfect opportunity to put my English and Publishing skills into action. I came to Rosemont for the dual-degree program, and I’ve learned so much about both literature and publishing. But I’ve been itching to DO something. So this project is perfect.

How many people get to build a book from the bottom up while still in college? Essentially, we are doing all of the steps—researching, writing, editing (and then probably rewriting, haha), designing— that are typically done by a number of people across all parts of the publishing industry. Internships are important for just that reason. You get to experience something that could be your career a few years later!

Watch out—Cassie and I are interviewing some students, too, and you may be one of them!


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