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Being a Leader at Rosemont College

Throughout your time here at Rosemdescribe the imageont, you will surely take on many different roles, through clubs, organizations and sports. Each role you play helps to shape the leader that you will become, some challenging you to become a better leader, while others shapes your skills to follow.

For myself, I didn’t start taking on leadership roles until I was a sophomore, starting with getting involved in Student Government as class president. From there I also lead a service trip through Campus Ministry, both of which taught me so much about how to lead. Each of these came with their own triumphs and their own defeats, shaping the type of leader I am today.

Today I hold two major leadership roles on campus, something that became very stressful in the beginning. Learning how to handle both of these roles was something that took time, but something that will help me throughout the rest of my life. The leadership roles that you accept and that you are thrown into help to make you a better leader.

One of the most important skills to learn while in college is how to be a leader, not just a person with power and responsibility, but also a person who leads. If you are able to learn how to be a great leader, you will be able to carry that throughout your professionally career, no matter what path you choose. Leadership is a quality that can help you grow as a professional, so taking risks and learning how to lead in college will help you the rest of your days.

If you have ever taken on multiple leadership roles on at once, tell me your story below!

Applying to Become a Rosemont College RA

Hey guys! This week I am back to talk about the two steps to become a Resident Assistant, the interview and the group process. Both of these are extremely important if you have rosemont college residence life staffany interest in become a Resident Assistant.

The first step after turning in your application is to go through an interview. This interview is with a professional staff member and two current resident assistant, which allows them to assess many different qualities that are very useful while a resident assistant. These interviews are very important for a few reasons:
  • It allows the staff to get to know you whether they already do or don’t.
  • It allows you to show the staff some of the skills that they are looking for.
  • It allows you to address the reasons why you want to become a resident assistant.
  • And so many more…
The next step that you have to go through is the group process, which is usually held the saturday before the notification letters are sent out. This process allows both the current resident assistants and the professional staff to asses not only your leadership skills but also your teamwork skills. This day is extremely important for a few reasons:
  • It allows us to see how well you would work in a team setting.
  • It allows us to see how well you can work under a little stress.
  • It allows you to show how well you can take a leadership role and be a team player.
  • And so many more…
After your application is in and you have done the two steps above, it is out of your hands. You will have to wait until the friday after group process to receive your notification letter, and although it might be nerve wrecking, it will go quickly.

I hope that I have given you guys an inside look into what it takes to become a resident assistant, in the weeks ahead I will continue to give you a better look at the role we play in the Rosemont community.

Get Involved with Rosemont College's SGA


student governmentIt’s Angelo again, hoping to help prospective and current students understand another piece of information about services and organizations available at Rosemont College to help you!

This week I am going to address the Student Government Association (SGA). Now to many those are three letters that have no meaning, but I hope to change that. We should start with looking at what SGA is, what it means, and what it stands for.

The students who work within the SGA, do their best to represent the other students, they do their best to make sure that each student gets what they deserve. It is extremely important that we work as one unit when we try to do this, as it's easier to get things accomplished.

We in Student Government have been working hard this year to provide what the students need the most. This year we went through a little remodeling and renovation, hoping to better reach the students that need us the most.

One of the biggest things that we did was we increased the number of representatives that can join the student government association by 5. This allows us to reach more students and better represent the people who we were elected to represent.

I hope this has given you a basic guide and understanding to what we do in Student Government. Throughout the upcoming weeks I will give more information on what I do and what other responsibilities take place in SGA.

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