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The Convocation Tradition at Rosemont College


Angelo Lamberto at Rosemont College ConvocationConvocation has been a tradition at Rosemont since the start - a piece of history that each student gets to participate in. Each year that I've been at Rosemont College I've had different responsibilities during Convocation. My freshman year I walked with my peers, picked up my cap and listened - nothing too complex or stressful. My sophomore year I helped organize the incoming freshmen and listened to the people who presented. This year I was given the opportunity to give a speech to those who attended Convocation. Last spring I was elected president of the Student Government Association, so one of my responsibilities was to speak at Convocation. I can't even remember if who the speaker was at my own Convocation!

The summer was filled with me making mental notes of things that I knew I would do include in my speech - jokes, punchlines, or anything fancy - basically nothing that I could mess up too easily. I decided to wait until I was back at Rosemont - my second home - to be inspired enough to write my speech, one that people would remember if only for a day. After being on campus for two weeks for resident assistant training, I finally wrote a speech that I was proud to call my own and give to incoming students at Rosemont College.

The morning of Convocation many different emotions ran through me, mostly nervousness but also excitement. Walking over to the auditorium to pick up my gown and the Rosemont flag that I was to carry was an exciting moment. I continued to say my speech in my head knowing almost every word that was in it. As I stood holding the Rosemont flag waiting for the procession to start, I started to get nervous, which I continued to be while sitting on stage waiting to be introduced. Finally when it was my turn at the podium I knew I was ready.

In the end, it was a great speech and one I knew incoming students would find valuable. Being a part of such a historic tradition at Rosemont College is one of the main reasons why I continue to help out each year.

Were you at this year's Convocation? What were your favorite memories? Share them in the comments below!


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