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Being a Resident Assistant at Rosemont College

rosemont college resident assistantsNext week starts the month long process of deciding who will be helping shape the very community that we live in – Resident Assistant Selection. There are many steps a student must take if they would like to become a RA for the following year:

1.    Complete the Application, including two references, a resume, and a cover letter.
2.    Interview with a Professional Staff Member as well as a RA
3.    Enjoy the group process with the rest of the applicants
4.    Receive your letter nearly a month after you applied

“Congratulations! You are an official Resident Assistant for Rosemont College for the 2014-2015 year!” your letter reads, and you excitingly jump up and down, proud of being selected, hoping to make a difference. People will ask you why you have decided to “sell” your soul to Residence Life; they will ask you why you would give up your social life. What they might not know is that there are plenty of benefits to make it worthwhile.

•    The stipend
•    Your own room
•    Possibly your own bathroom
•    The many skills that you will learn
•    The many life lessons that you will learn
•    Meeting different people
•    You will be able to help shape the community that your residents live in
•    And many, many more…

Let’s not forget that some of the things they will say carry merit. There are some things that are going to make you feel a little indifferent about the position. Although there are many great things about the position, there are also a couple of things that will seem like a put off:

•    A smaller social life
•    Getting a phone call at 3 in the morning
•    Coming back from break earlier
•    Going home later than everyone else
•    Long nights

 After everything that you have read, hopefully you see that the job is worth it. If you are interested in this position, head over to the Residence Life Office in Good Counsel when you arrive on campus to learn more!

If you have ever been a RA what made you want to be one? Comment in the section below!


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