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Being a Leader at Rosemont College

Throughout your time here at Rosemdescribe the imageont, you will surely take on many different roles, through clubs, organizations and sports. Each role you play helps to shape the leader that you will become, some challenging you to become a better leader, while others shapes your skills to follow.

For myself, I didn’t start taking on leadership roles until I was a sophomore, starting with getting involved in Student Government as class president. From there I also lead a service trip through Campus Ministry, both of which taught me so much about how to lead. Each of these came with their own triumphs and their own defeats, shaping the type of leader I am today.

Today I hold two major leadership roles on campus, something that became very stressful in the beginning. Learning how to handle both of these roles was something that took time, but something that will help me throughout the rest of my life. The leadership roles that you accept and that you are thrown into help to make you a better leader.

One of the most important skills to learn while in college is how to be a leader, not just a person with power and responsibility, but also a person who leads. If you are able to learn how to be a great leader, you will be able to carry that throughout your professionally career, no matter what path you choose. Leadership is a quality that can help you grow as a professional, so taking risks and learning how to lead in college will help you the rest of your days.

If you have ever taken on multiple leadership roles on at once, tell me your story below!


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