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Being Class President at Rosemont College

angelo.lambertoThis week I have decided to let you take a look inside what I do for the Student Government Association.

First I think it’s important to mention what my actual duties are, it seems like this is a good place to start. This is taken from the SGA Constitution, Section 2 Article 1:

Article 1: The President
A. To serve as a student representative of the Board of Trustees Student Life Committee and all other committees that their presence is requested on.
     B. To assume the following areas of responsibility:
1.    To call and supervise weekly meetings of the SGA Executive Board  
    and to plan an agenda for each meeting.
2.    To call and supervise meetings of the SGA General Assembly every two weeks and plan the agenda.
3.    To act as representative of student interests to faculty and administration.
4.    To provide good communication between all members of the SGA Executive Board and General Assembly, and to serve as a mediator for any conflicts that may arise within the SGA.
5.    To review the objectives of the SGA regularly with her fellow Executive members.
6.    To serve as an Executive Counterpart to each Class Council’s President.
7.    To conduct weekly meetings with the Dean of Students.
8.     To conduct weekly meetings with the Director of Student Activities.
9.     To conduct monthly meetings with the President of the college.
10.    To maintain the SGA Office.

As you can see, I have a lot to do, but when you break it down weekly the numbers and the hours are not too intimidating. One of the biggest things that keeps me coming back and reminds me why I love it so much is the fact that I get to help create a community at Rosemont College. I am able to encourage and help the students to create their own communities and to create their own college experiences.

These opportunities to help the students and to improve their experiences here are the main reasons why I keep coming back. Next week I will be discussing the State of the College address which I am honored to speech at. This will be the first time the Student Body President has spoken at this event and I hope to make this a long tradition!


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