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Living the Libary Life at Rosemont College


Kistler Library at Rosemont CollegeAs you are reading this, you are probably in your bedroom, office or maybe (and kudos to you if this is true) you are running on the treadmill. As I wrote this I was not in my bedroom where I fall asleep the moment I sit on my bed or get distracted by all my neighbors on the third floor. Being a college student, I do not have an office unless you count the classroom and if I ever get around to running on the treadmill, I am unable to do anything besides run and hope I have enough energy left to walk back to my dorm. Alas, no, the only place on campus that I am able to effectively work is the library.

The Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library was formally opened on June 3, 1926. The original building still stands and many additions have been made. There are many places for people to do work in the library depending on how you are wired. There are big comfy couches for the half asleep psychology studiers, a computer lab for the technologically advanced essay writers, and study bubbles for the LSAT takers-to-be. The upper level is good for group work and there is always a librarian present to help students with whatever they need. The library is also air-conditioned which is ideal for studying during the warmer months.

My favorite and most productive spot in the library is at a table in the original building. It is always quietest in this part and there is not a lot of seating which lowers the possibility of other people being around to distract me. The table is in the corner so I feel hidden away and that is perfect for those big assignments that require hunkering down for hours on end. The table is big enough, however, that I can work with other people if I am just doing algebra or copying notes. To this day I do not understand why this spot is the only place that I am able to accomplish tasks but as long as my grades stay where they are, I am not complaining.

The purpose of the library is for students to complete assignments. There is a reason libraries are supposed to be quiet and sometimes it is refreshing to be surrounded by books and the sound of brains churning. I have found, however, that the library is a place to make memories (yes, that sounds cheesy but it’s true). Many hours have been spent in the library chatting (quietly) with others both at 1 in the afternoon and 2 in the morning. When you and your friends spend a Sunday in the library accomplishing tasks, it is a very rewarding feeling. The library is where it’s at. Next week? Dinnertime…

Mother Nature Is Not Too Happy This Year I first arrived at Rosemont College, the sight of Connelly Green was very welcoming. There were beautiful trees all over campus and small gardens outside of Main Building. Now when I look outside my window I see snow and in case you are living under a rock (or in Florida), no, I am talking about a few inches of snow. I am talking about snow piles that reach my ribcage and cars that have been plowed in since the middle of January. Apparently, and begrudgingly, this is the third snowiest season in Philadelphia… EVER! That is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow but I do not recall how to go to school for five straight days because of all the snow days. What is it like to walk outside and feel your toes? I do not remember. There is enough snow on the ground to provide clean drinking water for the entire Southern Hemisphere.

You learn a lot at college. The variety of classes is endless and the knowledge of the professors is astounding. There is also much to learn outside of the classroom. For instance, I learned that eating nothing but a salad for dinner results in obnoxiously large amounts of late night snacking. Another thing i learned outside of the classroom is to never wear sneakers when it rains. Apparently, when it rains at Rosemont (which is not very often) it RAINS. When getting dressed to go to class one rainy morning, I ignorantly decided it was only a light drizzle and sneakers would suffice. I guess when the weatherman says it is going to rain all day he means it because by the time I left Lawrence Hall a few hours later, on that fateful November day, I had water between every one of my toes. Sneakers are made for walking… just not when it rains.

The moral of the story? Be prepared. Rosemont is small and the farthest building away takes seven minutes to get to on foot, however, that is still seven minutes one must spend in the frigid cold/so-humid-my-hair-resembles-a-large-poodle/downpouring outdoors. Someone out there is making Mother Nature very unhappy and when I find that person, I am going to make them shovel every car out by hand next time it snows (which I am almost positive there is more to come). Next week? Library adventures…

Where Did the Time Go?


studentstudying1Here at Rosemont College, every first year student is required to take First Year Connections Seminar where many helpful tips and practices are taught. Everything from the location of bathrooms in the library (very important) to how to schedule classes for the following semester are covered. One topic that is stressed and covered in detail is time management. It appears to be an obvious subject: do not waste your time and get work done, however, I did not realize the importance of it until midway through my first semester.

It was at this point that everything began happening at once: essays, matches, meetings and sleeping. There was so much to do and I had yet to learn how to manage the entire 24 hours in a day. After some trial and error, I have finally figured it out and it is working just swimmingly this semester. Obviously, sleep is important. I suggest setting aside seven hours (at least) for sleeping. Whether this means a good night’s sleep from one in the morning until minutes before your 8:30 class or multiple naps throughout the day, sleep is vital. The next step is to go to class. Life can be pretty overwhelming at times, but going to class provides some structure and forces you to get up in the morning so you do not waste the day away watching movies online. Going to class also prevents falling behind on assignments and you will not have to waste time catching up on notes.

Okay, those two are obvious. The next are what works for me. Every hour you have is an hour that something can be accomplished. It could be talking to a professor, getting your algebra homework done, or filling out an application to be an RA (major respect if you do). I spend most of my free time in the library because every page of psychology I get read is one I do not have to lose sleep over later that night. It is impossible to control the times of meetings for all the clubs that are on campus. Most are held around lunch time or at night. Sometimes the meetings are welcomed because they are a temporary break from homework.

It is amazing how time flies in college. I wake up in the morning and before I know it, it’s time for bed again. It took a long time to find the methods that work for me and everyone has their preferred practices to ensure that every hour is filled with productivity. You cannot forget all the friends you will make at Rosemont either! They want some of your time as well. The business of college can be stressful and overwhelming but with the right time management skills, it can be handled and, most likely, fun. Next week? The weather (yes, you read that correctly)…

Game. Set. Match.


emily javitt‘Tis the season- the offseason that is- or the time of year where I do not have to pick up my tennis racket every single day. For most of the summer until typically mid-October, tennis consumes a large part of life. Practices, matches and a summer job at a tennis camp are part of my daily routine. It started in high school and fortunately I carried those habits with me to college. There are many differences between high school and collegiate athletics, obviously, however there are some similarities that I will forever cherish.

I joined the York Catholic Women’s Tennis team my freshman year of high school but it wasn’t until the end of my sophomore season that I began to truly understand how much I loved the sport and how much I enjoyed being part of a team. I nabbed a spot in the top 9 (or the “varsity” team) junior year and moved up even farther senior year. In high school, everyone was finished with classes at the same time so it was expected of every member of the team to be at practice at the same time. Everyone lived right around our home tennis courts so there were always parents and friends at our tennis matches. There were many times when York Catholic players new girls on the rival teams. My team and I would spend so much time together from August to October that we became a family and we created memories I will never forget.

Then, I came to Rosemont College. I joined the tennis team with the intent of improving my skills and staying in shape (AKA avoiding the dreaded “freshman 15”). The atmosphere of collegiate athletics is entirely different than high school. The biggest difference for me was the size. I went from a team of 18 girls to a team of seven by the end of the season. There was less depth so one injury creates a huge riff in the lineup. There was, however, tennis courts that were in walking distance of my dorm. In high school, my courts were 20 minutes away in a car! The courts at Rosemont were five minutes away when I was walking. Practice was scheduled everyday from two to five, however, due to conflicting and constantly varying schedules, players were only required to give a “solid two hours” every day. One of the my favorite changes involves the uniforms. Our uniforms at Rosemont are washed for us! I did not have to wash my uniform after a Friday afternoon match against Cabrini for a Saturday morning matchup against Keystone.

My favorite part of being on a team is the camaraderie: the triumphs, the losses, the tears and the laughs. Every single minute with my team, whether the Fighting Irish or the Ravens, created a memory. Whether you are a have never picked up a basketball or a racket or you have been cradling that lacrosse stick for years now, I would highly recommend joining a college athletic team. Next week? Time management…

Meeting My College Roommate - Finally!


Rosemont College roommatesI have been a full time student at Rosemont for just over two weeks now and I am learning something new everyday! Whether it is in the classroom or in the dorm room down the hall, there is always new information, both helpful and surprising, floating through my ears. There was almost too much information being thrown at me during the freshman orientation weekend.

Thanks to Coach Gordy (what a wonderful man...) I was late arriving to the kick-off ceremony on Friday morning. As I sat in McShain Auditorium, I was looking around at my new classmates. I realized they all had brightly colored t-shirts and maroon tote bags- neither of which I had (that problem was easily corrected) but I also did not have my roommate who was coming from the good old state of Texas. Well, technically I knew of her but I had yet to meet her in person. Her belongings were in my room and her text messages were saying she was actually in the same state but I was not going to believe it until I saw it. After visually searching the class of 2017 without any luck, we all headed over to lunch then began our group time. My favorite part of orientation occurred that afternoon when Fair Play came and we participated in many fast paced and high energy icebreakers. They were so different from the cliché icebreakers everyone is forced to participate in on the first day of school! I met so many people that I quickly forgot their names but their faces stuck. We were constantly switching into different groups of people during Fair Play so I figured I would turn around and there would be my elusive roommate... I was wrong.

The rest my first Friday as a college student consisted of talks with our Raven Peer Leaders (or RPLs) who deserve a tremendous shout-out because they spent a lot of time with freshmen- a job that not many people would want, and some volleyball. I began to think that I imagined all those virtual conversations with my “roommate” and that I would be living alone for my first year but as I headed back to my dorm after making friends with the girls down the hall who would be getting air conditioning (I am glad we have the ability to pick our friends) there she was! In the flesh! She wasn’t in Texas anymore! I like to say I am lucky because my roommate is perfect (even if she has a tendency to think she will drown when it rains).

Saturday was filled with informative presentations and a trip to Dorney Park and on Sunday we had the Convocation Ceremony, which is a tradition that definitely sets Rosemont College apart. Overall, orientation weekend introduced me to many new friends and made me feel like I was finally a real student at Rosemont. Next week? The third floor of Kaul Hall...

My First Night at Rosemont College


Rosemont College dorm roomMy entire life has been filled with firsts. As the oldest, I was the first to start school, the first licensed driver and the first varsity tennis player. I am the experimental child - the guinea pig. Normally, I found a way to manage the unknown that accompanied each new experience; however, no amount of preparation prepared me for one of the most daunting adventures in life: college. Tips from older cousins, advice from teachers, and warnings from my parents created expectations but I had very little to go on when I arrived at Rosemont College. My name is Emily Javitt and I am a first year student. My experiences as a Raven, both good and bad, are about to be written down for everyone to see, starting with my first night... alone.

Since I was 17 months old, I have shared a room with at least one of my three younger sisters. Well, my college roommate decided to stay in Texas for as long as she possibly could so I spent two nights with my third floor dorm room all to myself. It was the strangest experience of my life! There were no late night chats, shared Oreos, or a need to put on matching pajamas. I do not think I will ever have the ability to live alone. Those first two days are a blur and no amount of preparation would have made them any easier (my sisters should be so grateful that they have me around...).

To be honest, I am excited for all the new firsts that will arise during my years at Rosemont. I cannot wait to walk into the unknowns and create memories throughout these so called "best years of my life." The first night may have been daunting but the firsts that are yet to come aren't so scary anymore. With the help of the awesome upperclassmen I have met (who have provided fantastic guidance) and knowing that the entire class of 2017 will be making mistakes and hitting their strides beside me, I now give Rosemont College permission to throw whatever challenges it chooses at me. What's next? Freshman Orientation...

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