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Where Did the Time Go?


studentstudying1Here at Rosemont College, every first year student is required to take First Year Connections Seminar where many helpful tips and practices are taught. Everything from the location of bathrooms in the library (very important) to how to schedule classes for the following semester are covered. One topic that is stressed and covered in detail is time management. It appears to be an obvious subject: do not waste your time and get work done, however, I did not realize the importance of it until midway through my first semester.

It was at this point that everything began happening at once: essays, matches, meetings and sleeping. There was so much to do and I had yet to learn how to manage the entire 24 hours in a day. After some trial and error, I have finally figured it out and it is working just swimmingly this semester. Obviously, sleep is important. I suggest setting aside seven hours (at least) for sleeping. Whether this means a good night’s sleep from one in the morning until minutes before your 8:30 class or multiple naps throughout the day, sleep is vital. The next step is to go to class. Life can be pretty overwhelming at times, but going to class provides some structure and forces you to get up in the morning so you do not waste the day away watching movies online. Going to class also prevents falling behind on assignments and you will not have to waste time catching up on notes.

Okay, those two are obvious. The next are what works for me. Every hour you have is an hour that something can be accomplished. It could be talking to a professor, getting your algebra homework done, or filling out an application to be an RA (major respect if you do). I spend most of my free time in the library because every page of psychology I get read is one I do not have to lose sleep over later that night. It is impossible to control the times of meetings for all the clubs that are on campus. Most are held around lunch time or at night. Sometimes the meetings are welcomed because they are a temporary break from homework.

It is amazing how time flies in college. I wake up in the morning and before I know it, it’s time for bed again. It took a long time to find the methods that work for me and everyone has their preferred practices to ensure that every hour is filled with productivity. You cannot forget all the friends you will make at Rosemont either! They want some of your time as well. The business of college can be stressful and overwhelming but with the right time management skills, it can be handled and, most likely, fun. Next week? The weather (yes, you read that correctly)…


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Here at Rosemont College, every first year student is required to take First Year Connections Seminar where many helpful tips and practices are taught.
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