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Mother Nature Is Not Too Happy This Year I first arrived at Rosemont College, the sight of Connelly Green was very welcoming. There were beautiful trees all over campus and small gardens outside of Main Building. Now when I look outside my window I see snow and in case you are living under a rock (or in Florida), no, I am talking about a few inches of snow. I am talking about snow piles that reach my ribcage and cars that have been plowed in since the middle of January. Apparently, and begrudgingly, this is the third snowiest season in Philadelphia… EVER! That is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow but I do not recall how to go to school for five straight days because of all the snow days. What is it like to walk outside and feel your toes? I do not remember. There is enough snow on the ground to provide clean drinking water for the entire Southern Hemisphere.

You learn a lot at college. The variety of classes is endless and the knowledge of the professors is astounding. There is also much to learn outside of the classroom. For instance, I learned that eating nothing but a salad for dinner results in obnoxiously large amounts of late night snacking. Another thing i learned outside of the classroom is to never wear sneakers when it rains. Apparently, when it rains at Rosemont (which is not very often) it RAINS. When getting dressed to go to class one rainy morning, I ignorantly decided it was only a light drizzle and sneakers would suffice. I guess when the weatherman says it is going to rain all day he means it because by the time I left Lawrence Hall a few hours later, on that fateful November day, I had water between every one of my toes. Sneakers are made for walking… just not when it rains.

The moral of the story? Be prepared. Rosemont is small and the farthest building away takes seven minutes to get to on foot, however, that is still seven minutes one must spend in the frigid cold/so-humid-my-hair-resembles-a-large-poodle/downpouring outdoors. Someone out there is making Mother Nature very unhappy and when I find that person, I am going to make them shovel every car out by hand next time it snows (which I am almost positive there is more to come). Next week? Library adventures…


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