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Living the Libary Life at Rosemont College


Kistler Library at Rosemont CollegeAs you are reading this, you are probably in your bedroom, office or maybe (and kudos to you if this is true) you are running on the treadmill. As I wrote this I was not in my bedroom where I fall asleep the moment I sit on my bed or get distracted by all my neighbors on the third floor. Being a college student, I do not have an office unless you count the classroom and if I ever get around to running on the treadmill, I am unable to do anything besides run and hope I have enough energy left to walk back to my dorm. Alas, no, the only place on campus that I am able to effectively work is the library.

The Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library was formally opened on June 3, 1926. The original building still stands and many additions have been made. There are many places for people to do work in the library depending on how you are wired. There are big comfy couches for the half asleep psychology studiers, a computer lab for the technologically advanced essay writers, and study bubbles for the LSAT takers-to-be. The upper level is good for group work and there is always a librarian present to help students with whatever they need. The library is also air-conditioned which is ideal for studying during the warmer months.

My favorite and most productive spot in the library is at a table in the original building. It is always quietest in this part and there is not a lot of seating which lowers the possibility of other people being around to distract me. The table is in the corner so I feel hidden away and that is perfect for those big assignments that require hunkering down for hours on end. The table is big enough, however, that I can work with other people if I am just doing algebra or copying notes. To this day I do not understand why this spot is the only place that I am able to accomplish tasks but as long as my grades stay where they are, I am not complaining.

The purpose of the library is for students to complete assignments. There is a reason libraries are supposed to be quiet and sometimes it is refreshing to be surrounded by books and the sound of brains churning. I have found, however, that the library is a place to make memories (yes, that sounds cheesy but it’s true). Many hours have been spent in the library chatting (quietly) with others both at 1 in the afternoon and 2 in the morning. When you and your friends spend a Sunday in the library accomplishing tasks, it is a very rewarding feeling. The library is where it’s at. Next week? Dinnertime…


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