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Thriving As a Student Athlete at Rosemont College


rosemont college soccerHello Readers,

Today I want to write about some of the struggles a college student athlete will encounter and some ideas on how to get through it. These are real issues I went through and some challenges my teammates have gone through as well. We did manage to get through them. My blog is just to show that you’re not alone. Your first year in college is hard enough, and then adding athletics to it can be very stressful.

One of the biggest struggles I went through was sacrifice. Every student athlete no matter were you want to go will have to do it, and it could be luxury things or even necessities like sleep. You’ll be put in tough situations but you have to remember why you’re here, so if you have to skip some nights where your friends go out and you have to stay in, just remember your time on the field, court, or course is much more important to you then missing out on some laughs. One thing that will help you through all your struggles as a student athlete is set your priorities and don’t forget you came to college to get an education. That should always come first.

Another tip to help you through would be use your team and talk to upperclassmen and coaches. They are there to help you. Stress as a student athlete will be one of the biggest things I have had to over come. You may have times were you will feel overwhelmed or that you have set an unrealistic goal and fulfilling it is just too much to think about. Just take things in small steps. If you give 100% of your effort then you have nothing to be upset about. Help is always available. I always try to communicate as much as possible and let people know I have a lot on my plate right now. Most of the time people will understand and sometimes they will help you. Remember the best way to get help is asking.

At Rosemont College we have a lot of places to get help in many different ways. You can go to the Student Academic Support Center (SASC), which Rosemont offers free professional tutoring. If you’re having problems with stress and my tips didn’t help you can always go talk to someone in the counseling center and they would love to talk you through your problem. As a first year you will be assigned a Raven Peer Leader (RPL), which will help you through your whole first year. If you ever need someone to talk to they are always there for you.

I would like to apologize to my readers for not having a new blog up for sometime now. As many of you know this is Rosemont’s first time with the blog program and we have just been working out some of the kinks. We hope everything will be smooth sailing now. The next blog that I will be posting will be one the new fields. If you have any questions or comments for me email me GO RAVENS!!!


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